Over the last few years I worked as a project manager in the automotive and transportation industry. Due to my technical known-how and my experience, I am confident to fine an innovative and appropriate solution for all given objectives.
I am very committed and enthusiastic to achieve my objective. Thereby I prefer to lead a team of professional software developers in such a way, that they work harmonic and produce maximum performance. During my studies I had the opportunity to look into the methods of project management. Apart from this knowledge, you can expect outstanding organisational as well as  communicative skills. I have experience with project management software, such as MS Project or Doors, but I am also willing to extend my know-how.


Personal Data


current address
marital status

: on request avaliable
: April 1974
: Berlin
: Deutsch
: verheiratet
: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
: http://www.OliverOtto.de


Professional Experience




: Bombardier Transportation GmbH
: DT5, BR430, BR442, BR422, Do2010, SBB, ...

: TCMS team manager
(team size up to 10-50 people)
 - TCMS/HMI system specifikation

 - team managment

 - p
rocess controling after the V-model



: CDN automotive AG
: Car-Infotainment HMI development (
Nissan Connect, GM EntryNavTouch)
: project leader (t
eam size up to 30 people)
requirement management
 - project planning
 - specifikation management
 - ressource management
 - p
rocess controling after the V-model




: CDN automotive AG
: Hermes 3D Car Infotainment System
: Projektleiter (Teamgrösse bis zu 10 Personen)
 - deveölopment of a 3D navigation solution with all avaliable 3D attributes as well as successful problem analysis for mapping of 2D street information onto a 3D area model

 - requirement management

 - Projektplanung & Ressourcenmanagement


University Degrees




Titel of

: PhD, Doctor of Philosophie
: Centre for Virtual Environments, The University of Salford
: with minor corrections

: Natural object focussed collaboration in distributed virtual environments
: Dr. David Roberts


2000 - 2001
Titel of Thesis


: Master of Science in Parallel and Scientific Computation
: Department of Computer Science, The University of Reading
: with
: Enhancement of the scalability of an infrastructure for support of a large scale virtual and agent
: Prof. Vassil N. Alexandrov


1996 - 2001
Titel of Thesis


: Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) in Technischer Informatik
: Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, Fachbereich I Ingenieurwissenschaften I
: good
(with final mark of 1,6)
: Enhancement of the scalability of an infrastructure for support of a large scale virtual and agent
: Dipl.-Ing. Gottfried Junghanns




1995 - 1996
1994 - 1995
1990 - 1994
1980 - 1990

: Ableistung des Wehrdienstes
Erlangung der Fachhochschulreife
: Berufsausbildung zum Industrieelektroniker,  Fachrichtung
: Erlangung des Realschulabschlusses
: Besuch der 21. Oberschule Berlin- Friedrichshain


Practical Experiences


2000 - 2001

1999 - 2000
1998 - 1999


: Softwareentwickler an der University of Reading, Verbesserung einer skalierbaren
Kommunikations-Infrastruktur für das COMRIS Projekt
: Laborassistent im VRML Labor des Computer Science Departments der University of Reading
: Studentischer Mitarbeiter im internen Systemmanagement der gedas GmbH
: Praktikum im internen Systemmanagement der gedas GmbH, im Rahmen d
es Studiums zum
Diplom Ingenieur (FH)
: 2 Monate Studentischer Mitarbeiter bei DWG Berlin




team managment

Programming Languages
Software Engineering
Virtual Reality

System Support
Content Creation Software
Operating Systems

: - skill to integrate myself into a team or project
 - learning and managing of new topics within a short timeframe
 - skill to take over resposibility at any time
 - solve a task independend or in a team, depending on the needs

C, C++, Java, PHP, ASP, HTML, SQL
UML, CVS/RCS, Design Patterns
OpenGL, Performer, Java3d, Diverse, OpenSceneGraph
VR system and application development as well as usage for
- immersive VR devices like CAVE, Head Mounted Display (HMD), Reality Centre, Workbench, other wall displays
- optical (VICON), ultrasonic (InterSense) and magnetic (Ascension) tracking systems
- other VR devices such as SensAble Technologies PHANTOM haptics, Applied Science eye-tracking and other VR input/output devices
- experiences with Video Conferencing (AccessGrid), AmiraVR, AVS/Express
Windows Server & Workstations, Linux Server & Workstations, supercomputer (SGI Onyx2, SGI Prism)
Maya, 3DStudioMax, PaintShopPro, Photoshop
Linux, SGI-IRIX, Windows, DOS
- avid reader/researcher of technical topics presented in academic papers and textbooks
- self-motivated, adaptable, capable of working alone or as part of a team



  • enjoy time with my familiy

  • hiking (e.g. in the English country side)

  • swimming and judo

  • reading books, watch movies, enjoy company of friends




Otto, O. (2001). Enhancement of the scalability of an infrastructure for support of a large scale virtual and agent environment Master's Thesis, Reading University, 2001.

Otto, O., & Roberts, D. (2003, October 23-25). Importance of Communication Influences on a Highly Collaborative Task. Paper to be presented at the The Seventh IEEE International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications, DS-RT 2003, Delft, The Netherlands, pp. 195-201

Roberts, D. J., Wolff, R., & Otto, O. (2003). Constructing a Gazebo: Supporting team work in a tightly coupled, distributed task in virtual reality. To appear in Presence: Teleoperators & Virtual Environments 2003, 12(6).

Otto, O., Roberts, D., and Wolff, R.(2005), A Study of Influential Factors on Effective Closely-Coupled Collaboration based on Single User Perceptions, In Proceedings of the 8th Annual International Workshop on Presence, London, UK, pp. 181-188

A complete list can be found under Publications



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